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DAV Public School, Mahuda saw the light of the day on 12 july 1993 under the blessing hands of Shree N.D Grover, the then Director ranchi Zone and full-hand assistance of the then G.M Mahuda Area Shree Manas Ranjan Bhattacharya overall there was immense contribution of the people of the area, BCCL and DAV Managing Committee.

The School started with just 350 tiny tots and since then it has never looked back. And now we are proud to have more than 1400 students on roll with its present infrastructure and devoted workers.>>




 President's Message !

The DAV has been making a significant contribution to the society through spreading value-based education keeping the ancient Vedic heritage in mind. In fact, it is the only organization which has set high standards in education while maintaining .....>>


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 Regional Director !

In this highly competitive and fast paced world, there is absolutely no room for lethargy or complacency we need to excel not only in the field of academics but at the same time we have to keep ourselves abreast in non- academic achievements too. The need of the hour is that the parents, teachers as well as society has to work in tandem, in order to instill in our children, those values and ethics that will help them become competent professionals and good human beings and shall contribute richly to the growth of nation. Our school imparts holistic education based on Vedic ethos and offers its students the best in terms of facilities and infrastructure. Our school has helped in bringing together students coming from different cultures and backgrounds thereby creating wonderful harmony....>>


 Principal Message !

My Dear Kids,

Learning is a never ending process. This is why we can never say that the date for learning has expired for us. Infact quest for learning begins right from the first day and continues till the last moment. Each day is like a new chapter, full of wonderful ideas. Life gives us ample opportunities. It solely depends on us how we approach them. Our efforts in right direction are most often rewarded. But sometimes things don’t turn upto our expectations. Don’t lose your heart. Always remember, “Nothing is permanent in this world”, so is failure. Keep trying. Every child is genuinely gifted and talented. The only thing is that s/he must explore the hidden talent and bring it to the foreground. A child who has never participated in any activities will never feel the taste of victory or defeat. Your participation is more important than winning or losing...>>


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